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Green With Envy…..

Paddock envy is more common than you may realise. Following one of the harshest winters on record fields the length and breadth of the UK have taken a serious battering but all is not lost and with some well-advised paddock maintenance your pasture will be restored.

Why Harrow?

Springtime harrowing pulls up dead grass and thatch, aerates the sward and encourages better growth. Harrowing is traditionally used to spread the droppings on the pasture to act as a natural fertiliser; you knew some good would come from not being vigilant with your poo picking over the winter!! Knowing when to harrow is key. If you’re able to kick the soil surface and it not stick to your boot or it has a crumbly texture that is a fair indication that your ground is suitable to be harrowed. Dry, warm conditions are essential for drying out the droppings and killing any parasites.

Why Re-Seed?

Re-seeding can be carried out from late March through to late September. The soil needs to be warm for the seed to germinate. Specialist seed mixes which incorporate a mixed sward of grasses and herbs are perfect for equine pasture as they help provide the correct balance of nutrients.

Why Roll?

Rolling your paddocks after they have been re-seeded encourages germination and consolidates loose soil. Horses should not graze young grass until it is well established and ideally five to six inches long. Introducing to new pasture gradually is also a must.

Gateways and Fence Lines

Weeds thrive on poached, damaged areas of pasture and are stronger than grass and will suppress grass growth. Spraying weeds in springtime will eliminate weeds and assist with restoring heavy traffic areas.


What Type of Seed?

Lillico Horse and Pony Grass Seed is a fast growing seed mix designed to support hard wearing, durable pasture. It produces a dense sward with a fast re-growth after cutting and grazing. Clover free and with no tetraploid grasses which can be harmful to the digestive system makes this seed the perfect choice for pasture which is grazed extensively. Sowing rate: 13.0kg per one acre. 13.0kg / bag-one acre pack £41.00

Lillico Natural Laminitic Mix offers a natural blend for forage production during all weather types and aides recovery from persistent grazing. With an added mixed herb blend with forage supporting natural vitamin and mineral production makes this the seed of choice for ponies and horses prone to laminitis. Clover free and with no tetraploid grasses which can be harmful to the digestive system. Sowing rate: 13.5kg per one acre. 13.5kg / bag-one acre pack £60.75

For specialist advice on paddock maintenance and grass seed please call into your nearest store:-

Lillico Country Store

The Forstal, Beddow Way, Aylesford, Kent ME20 7BT

01622 718 062

Attlee Country Store

Parsonage Mill, Station Road, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1EL

01306 883 533

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