Our Top 10 Winter Yard Hacks

With the evenings now dark, Winter is well and truly on its way. We thought we would share our top 10 yard hacks, to help you save precious time around the yard this winter.

1.       Buddy up with someone at the yard to share the duties and reduce visits to the yard, saving you time and money in fuel.

2.       At the weekend, make up your haynets for the week ahead.

3.       If your horse wears rugs, consider rugs with quick clip closures, not only are they quick they are easier to do with cold fingers!

4.       If you know there is going to be a frost, fill up spare buckets so they are ready to use in the morning

5.       If the lighting isn’t great at your yard, use a head torch, you might not look the most fashionable, but it will help you get your yard chores done more quickly.

6.       Consider purchasing rubber mats, not only does it help protect your horses leg and keep them warmer, it will also save you time and money on bedding as your bed doesn’t need to be as deep.

7.       If you don’t have rubber matting consider deep littering your horse during the week and mucking out in full at the weekend when you have more time.

8.       Make sure your kettle is full ready for the morning to defrost any frozen taps!

9.       Keep all your things in the same place, so you know where to find them when you need them!

10.   If your horse gets turned out a hood is fantastic to help keep them clean.

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