New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year where many of us have made New Year resolutions, some of us may have already slipped and how many made New Year resolutions for their horse?

Maintaining a healthy weight and diet is just as important for our horses as it is for us, with this in mind our friends at Saracen Horse Feeds have created some equine inspired resolutions!

Resolution 1
I will become an equine weight watcher
Resolve to be proactive about maintaining your horse at a healthy weight (generally around 5 on the 9-point body condition scale), rather than being reactive after they have gained or lost condition to the point of concern. Monitor his body condition weekly, and adjust his diet or management plan as required.

Resolution 2
I will focus on ‘forage first’
Too often the forage part of the horse’s ration is overlooked, or its importance underscored and feeding too little forage can be the underlying issue of so many health problems. Ensuring optimum forage (hay and grass) intake is the single most important thing you can do to increase your horses physical and mental well-being. Horses with access to ad-lib forage have lower rates of colic, gastric ulcers, and stable vices, they are also more likely to maintain optimum body condition. Feeding plenty of forage may also enable you to reduce the amount of concentrate feed that you need to feed and may even have a positive and calming effect on your horse’s temperament.

Resolution 3
I will cure my cereal, sugar and starch phobia
While forage should always form the basis of your horse’s diet, it might not cover all your horse’s nutrient requirements. So, some type of concentrate might be beneficial to your horse’s diet.
A wide range of commercially formulated feed products are available on the market today. From low-calorie feed balancers to high energy performance feeds, each is specifically formulated to meet the needs of the types of horses they are intended for.
Be diligent about understanding the product, its purpose, and the recommended feeding rate to ensure your horse is getting all the nutrients he needs to remain healthy. Rather than get scared about starch and sugar levels consult an equine nutritionist if you’re unsure about the correct concentrate feed to use.

Resolution 4
I will consult with an equine nutritionist to balance my horse’s diet
A recent study showed that only 25% of horse owners surveyed consulted a nutritionist for help with developing and balancing their horse’s feeding program. Why consult a nutritionist? To be confident that your horse has received educated, science-based nutritional advice that is suited specifically for your own horse and his own nutritional needs and centered around the forage that is provided or available.

Saracen Horse Feeds have a Registered Nutritionist and a qualified team of equine advisors who are available for consultation and are willing to put their knowledge to work for you to help keep your horse happy and healthy.
Call the Saracen Nutritional Helpline on 01622 718487 or complete their online feed advice form HERE.

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