Guide to bringing your new Puppy home

Buying a puppy and bringing them home is exciting, but also a bit daunting, especially if this is your first puppy. We have pulled together our top tips to help you give your puppy the best start in life.

Before you bring your puppy home

Before you go and collect your puppy it’s important to get your home prepared by:
Find an area that is draft free where your puppy can rest undisturbed in their crate with a nice cosy bed. We have a variety of different sized crates suitable for a variety of different dog breeds along with a range of beds to keep your puppy comfortable.
Remove anything off the floor that your puppy might be tempted to chew.
Find an area with enough space for your puppy to play with toys to keep him stimulated.
Find a vet and organise pet insurance.

The previous owner should also have done a few things including:
Organising the puppy’s first vaccination
Started toilet training
Begun the puppy’s socialisation, by positively introducing them to new situations and people.
Another good idea is to give your puppy’s breeder a blanket a few weeks before collecting him so you can bring it home with him for familiarity and comfort.

Now your Puppy is home

Your puppy isn’t fully vaccinated yet but it’s important to continue socialisation by exposing your puppy to positive experiences, including:
Meeting other healthy, fully vaccinated dogs and cats.
Carrying them around outside to introduce them to new people, sights and sounds. We welcome pets in our store and would love to be introduced to your new family member.
Gradually introduce them to the car, grooming and being well handled.

It is also important that you also:
Begin to leave them alone for short periods to prevent separation related behaviour.
Establish a consistent routine and rules. Reward good behaviour and ignore bad behaviour.
Feed them the same puppy food as they had before and keep the same routine with small, regular meals. If you are looking to change feed, we have a great range in store, but it is important to remember to change feeds gradually.
Continuing puppy toilet training by rewarding them when they go outside.

Once your Puppy has been fully vaccinated

Once your puppy is fully vaccinated, you can start to socialise them properly outside. Good puppy classes are a great way to boost their confidence and for you both to learn basic training.
Growing and learning is tiring so let them rest regularly and keep training sessions short and fun.

By keeping experiences positive from day one, you’ll help your puppy grow into a confident adult dog, making life more enjoyable for you both.

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