Why we love Saracen Shape Up

We often have people come in store that own a horse or pony that seems to only need to look at a blade of grass or pony nut and they pile on the pounds. These good doers are often native breeds, which have adapted to life in the wild, surviving on little or no keep and have a normal tendency to use excess energy to build up fat stores in preparation for when food sources are scare.

One of the Key points to feeding the good doer is to choose appropriate low calorie feed, restrict grazing and replace hay with a low calorie hay replacer so the horse is still able to fulfil the chewing need to maintain good digestive behaviour.

Saracen Shape Up is a much-loved feed in store, which has had great feedback.

The Reason why we love Saracen Shape Up

* Low calorie feed offering energy without adding to the waistline

* Provides a balanced diet at low intake levels

* Supports a healthy metabolism

* Can be used as a calorie controlled ration for those prone to laminitis, Equine Metabolic Syndrom or Cushings

Here comes the science bit!

The ration is based on Saracen Horse Feeds’ “Super-fibre” technology, meaning that energy is derived from slow-release, fibre sources that produce a minimal glycemic response post feeding. The high fibre content of Shape Up and the inclusion of an original neutralizing ingredient also help to maintain a healthy digestive system for those good-doers that may be on a restricted forage ration.

To further support optimal health and wellbeing, Shape Up contains an Acid Buf, a myctoxin binder, elevated level of omega 3 fatty acids, cinnamon and healthy hoof package.

We currently have £2.00 OFF Saracen Shape Up in store with qualified nutritionist on site to offer advice.

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