Weighty Matters

With the first signs of spring showing it is an important time of year to ensure good management of your horse or ponies weight. In store we have expert nutrition advice on hand to help as well as a fantastic offer of £2.00 off Saracen Shape Up, plus a FREE weigh tape when purchasing a bag!

Saracen Shape Up is ideal for horses and ponies that are good doers or those at risk of laminitis. It maintains a healthy digestive environment and supports those on restricted turnout.

The FREE weigh tape is a handy and convenient way to assess your horse or ponies weight and will enable you to monitor and record the details accordingly.

It is important to remember that every horse is different! Your horse’s breeding, history and general management all influence their body and will need to be considered with your horses overall fitness and body condition when assessing his weight.

Our Top Tips on Weight Management

If your horse or pony is a good doer, that puts on weight quickly, suitable exercise, either ridden or in hand is a great way to help manage the calories. Build up slowly and increase as fitness levels improve.

If your horse or pony is looking like they’re carrying a bit too much weight, review their feed and speak to an equine nutritionist who can help guide you on where suitable changes can be made. Your horse may benefit from a calorie-controlled balancer.

Don’t crash diet! Your horse needs a steady supply of forage to keep their gut functioning normally. Look at alternative options including replacing haylage with quality hay or quality hay with a hay lower in nutritional value and soak it for a minimum of 12 hours.

Strip grazing horses paddock helps restrict the amount of grass intake. If this isn’t possible, wearing a grazing muzzle will also help limit access to grass.

If your horse is stabled try using a haynet to help restrict and slow down the amount of hay intake.

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